Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Catch Up

Never enough time, it seems. But I did try to do a little catching up today. Im going to start with pictures from yesterday.

First off OMG innovations! I love them! This hospital gown is disposable first off, but is a soft thick paper material, with pockets. If the patient gets cold, they connect a hose to the gown, and it fills the pockets with hot air. I need one of these set ups at home! These are all pre-surgery pictures.

 Air legs... okay maybe not but these bad boys help with circulation!

 As we sit still waiting for the surgery to start, I got picture happy and was taking close ups of nose hair, and somehow in my silliness got this good picture of Sam and lil dude.

While waiting we were told they were going to try and push a really simple fast procedure inbetween the current patient in surgery and Sam.  She had been without food or water for 14 hours at this point, she is pregnant so she is hormonal and this made her bitchy.

While in the waiting room, I heard this woman telling everyone who would listen about her husband and his cyst. It didnt take much to figure out that this was the procedure pushed in right before Sam's. The man had a cyst on his butt. His wife said it started out small, but then it grew and it was oozing blood and puss. I guess it ruined a set of sheets the night before and she'd had enough. She brought him into the ER. Evidently it had swollen from his hip down to the bottom of his butt cheek.  I cant imagine telling a room full of strangers about a cyst on my husband's butt, but whatever toots your horn LOL.

After the surgery, things were a little rough, lots of pain, lack of medication due to being pregnant.

But the pain wasnt so bad that she couldnt check her cell phone for miss texts.

We had to plug the dsi in, he did so good though for being at the hospital for 10 hours he was a wonderful 5 yr old, and super friendly to everyone we came in contact with. I have done good... but ask me again about this one in 10 years. LOL

4 incisions for a gall bladder removal. Amazing isn't it?

 I stopped off to get the girls on my way back from the hospital. Sam's dog was looking a little on the hurting side, and I kinda checked things out. Appeared his anal glands were swollen and leaking. Gag! There are some things that are worth paying to have done, anal glands are one of them.  I gave Jellybean (the dog) a bath, but wasnt able to provide any relief. I let her douchebag know that the dog needs to go to the vet. TOMORROW, ASAP, etc. Then thought about it, and knew, he wouldn't tell Sam. He would just blow it off, so I called her and let her know.

On to today. I cleaned the living room and devil child and I made those precut colored on cookies you get in the refrigerator case at your local grocery store. Ill just preface this by saying I make my own cookies, but they were bought for her to make while Sam was in the hospital, and Im the one she comes to when she wants to make cookies, or have something sewn for her, so we made the precut cookies, and then played with the left over dough.

When I went to get lil dude from school today, I called the vet because I was pretty sure no one took the dog to the vet like I told them to, and of course I was right ;) So I loaded everyone up, and took Jellybean to the vet. Not only were his anal glands needed expressed, but he had a small blockage in his rectum :( Poor Jellybean. They shaved his butt and got him fixed right up. $63 I had no intentions of spending, but I have a soft spot for animals.

Came home and started supper, these are the beginnings of turkey spaghetti :) I forgot to take pictures of the finished product ;)

BUT here is the happy face of a well fed child who loves her spaghetti. Baby J.

Came into the living room after supper and found this to be the scene. I had wondered where the candy canes were disappearing to, not that it really mattered Christmas was over weeks ago. Which means I should probably take down the tree soon too, right? Anyhow, the rocking horse makes a great ladder, to reach the candy canes.

Monkey see... monkey do! 

When all else fails take a ride on the wild side. Baby J apparently thinks she is the same size as the man on the remote control ATV.

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