Sunday, January 23, 2011

It always come back to this....

Poop. Why is it that half of all conversations I seem to be in lately, come back to poop, crap, shit, feces whatever it is you call it.

Little dude has the runs. Green apple quick steps, hershey squirts. I dont care what you call it, Im tired of it. I have shampooed my carpets twice in the past week. Who in the hell thought it was a good idea to carpet a bathroom in the first place? WHO? Carpet belongs in bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, family rooms. It does not belong in bathrooms or kitchens. It just doesn't.

My list of reasons why you don't carpet a bathroom or kitchen include the following:

1. WATER- both the bathroom and the kitchen have water. Sometimes a lot of it. Sometimes it flows all over the floor. Sometimes it has help flowing all over the floor.

2. FOOD- while this doesn't (or shouldn't) apply to the bathroom, it applies to the kitchen. If you have kids, they spill things, drinks, food, dish soap etc. Try cleaning these things up from carpet with a towel.

3. BODY FLUIDS- probably shouldn't apply to the kitchen, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors. Either way again with kids there will be spills of bodily fluids . If you are the mom of a boy, or hell even married to a boy, you know about urine all around the bottom of your toilet, along the rim, on the seat etc. Of course they swear it wasn't them, but whatever, you still get the pleasure of cleaning it up, and from carpet? IMPOSSIBLE! Now try to imagine the kid running for the toilet to puke... and not making it. All over the carpet? GAG! Now imagine my week.... lil dude running for the bathroom with diarrhea running out his pant legs. What a sight right? Yeah right *mumbles*

Thus I think the idiot that put carpet in my bathroom should be SHOT, or drug through the spots before I get them cleaned up :)

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  1. Carpet in the bathroom! Ugh. And (yes i just started a sentence with and..) you are so right about boys and peeing on the floor. I don't even live with my "Boy" and he pees on my floor and then says he didnt do it. UMMMM last time I checked I don't personally have to do a whole bunch of aiming like he SHOULD be doing...