Friday, January 14, 2011

Freaking Out Friday Zodiac Crisis

OH EM GEE did you see! The Zodiac signs have changed, and OH EM GEE there is a 13th one *insert the biggest freak out moment you can imagine right here!*

Or don't. I certainly won't. So when I first saw people getting upset over the supposed change of signs I did what I do... I started researching the topic, and guess what. If you have previously followed the tropical zodiac (which is what the Western world follows) then your sign is intact.  Turns out the viral web freak out is over an article published in a Minnesota newspaper, and it refers to the  sidereal zodiac. 

The tropical zodiac is fixed to the seasons, and is what Western astrology adheres to. Sidereal zodiac is fixed to the constellations and is what astrology adheres to in the East. Two zodiacs, nothing is new. 

So to all my wonderful facebook friends who freaked out. Rest assured, your zodiac sign tattoo can remain intact. Don't believe me? Check with CNN :) 


  1. Hey that is some good detective work there! I wasn't all that worried really.

  2. Go you I didn't care enough to to any research lol