Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crime victims get served subpoenas too...

Who knew? Certainly not me! Around 530 tonight I heard a car in the driveway. Honestly figured it was Sam.... tired of being at home and coming to visit. So I peeked out the french doors to see strange headlights. Most certainly wasnt a minivan.

Went to the door to find a deputy from the sheriffs department, looking for me. My first instinct was to lie, she's not home.... Nah just kidding but my heart was certainly thumping! I said Im her. He said he was there to serve a warrant  oops wrong word, subpoena. I inquired what it was for... and he said Nada Y*****. Ahh it all falls into place. The windshield. The psycho mom of my friend. Recall that blog post now? Yeah that one. Before I knew it I was saying victims get served subpoenas? Yep apparently they do. So Court on Friday. Yeah Friday. When Im supposed to make up my lab and clinical hours at school. The hours I missed today because lil dude is sick.

My professor is going to think Im the loopiest person in the class. If its not one thing, it most certainly always, is another!

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