Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How I saved over $600 last week

Had to spend a little, well about $45 after taxes but I saved a ton. You might have read about my trips to Joann's on SOTH or The Zone I know I posted somewhere, just don't quite recall where LOL.  Anyhow, I got 40 patterns and some material to sew with. Yep I did say 40 patterns! I love a good sale, cant pass one up... so when I saw that Simplicity patterns were 99 cents each, I made a few trips.

So here is what I got :)

Doggy clothing patterns, that's costumes, sweatshirts, tee-shirts and hat. Shing Zhu will be one good looking dog!

 Bags and organizers :) I pl,an to make my first laptop case/bag today! Watch for pictures!

 I got the kids the bird costume pattern for Halloween, I plan to make a Mccaw, a Flamingo, and a Toucan for Halloween, and baby Pee will be a worm. How cute will that be? Also got patterns to make approns, as Devil Child has been asking for one, and rag blankets. I love the turtle design!

Stuff for Baby Pee. Booties, bonnets, bedding and more!

Shirts for ME! Not sure when Ill find the time to sew for myself, but they were 99 cents each. Can't pass that up!

 I appear to be missing a picture here. I know I took pictures of everything I bought, but I also know of a 5 yr old who takes pictures with my camera, and deletes the ones he doesnt like! Anyhow, this is how I saved literally hundreds of dollars this week.

A parting picture for the morning... Devil Child playing with my curtain tassels.

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