Thursday, January 20, 2011

Can ANYTHING Go Right Thursday.

Yep, there I said it. Can anything go right today? First off I had 2 places to be at the same time. The court house over my friend Tiger's crazy mom, and the lab at school. *sigh* court won out and I went to the lab late. yes on my third day, with a note from the court stating I was a witness/victim that was required to appear. Well I wasnt really but I wanted to be there. although had I known it would be continued, I would have just gone to school on time.

So there is no agreement in court. The woman has violated her terms of her bond by contacting her victim (not me the other victim) Her attorney is violating some law Im sure, because you cant represent someone if you are the attorney in ANOTHER matter for the other party in the situation. Yet here he is representing crazy witch!

She doesn't want to plead guilty she will take her chances with a sympathetic jury. Hello dumb ass, you Bragged to everyone you knew about taking out my windshield, and when you were in the nut hut last week you told your psychiatrist that you were going to KILL your daughter. You cant deny this shit now. Official police record has you proud of it!

Either way I have a cool prof and it was no big deal. Just more chemical reactions and gauge identification and stuff like that. Stuff I somewhat know.

So Im at school. My phone keeps going off. First my mom letting me know my sister's water broke. Um I care why? Because she is a high falutin' cranky spoiled brat who treats her family like crap. yeah. So fine her water broke.

Then I sneak onto Facebook and see my auntie has posted a status urging "KENZIE" to hurry up. OMGWTFBBQ? Kenzie/Kensie/Kensey however you spell it... THAT IS MY DAMN DAUGHTERS BABY. Kinsleigh Savannah Joy... aka Kensie Bee, or baby Joy. It is BAD enough that she has taken the name my daughter was using on her child (who is due in May) and taken it, but now she is going to call her kid Kensie as well? How GHETTO is that? Who does this shit? My sister apparently. Can I get an *eyeroll*

So back to studying... until my phone rings again. Its Tiger... did I know school is now on early dismissal? Well hell no I didnt know, Im an hour away at school. So I ask her to pick up lil dude, because even speeding I wont make it at this point, its 1210.

Did I mention in all of this that my trackball on my blackberry will now not go up... only down, left and right. I call AT&T. Have I mentioned how much I hate AT&T? Well if I haven't , I do. I hate them with a passion. So I get passed from department a to department b to department c.... and finally get someone in the warranty department. Did I mention my phone is only about 8 months old, and this is my THIRD ONE? So they say is there another number I can call you on. No Im at school. I need my phone. I will die without my phone. Well we need the  IMEI number and its under your battery. Fine Ill get the number call me back in 5 minutes, if I dont answer keep calling, because the volume is OFF on my phone and I cant use the track ball to scroll UP to turn it on.

They call back. Okay you are covered now I have to transfer you to another department. *sigh* fine. Other department comes on the line, they need me to go into the settings, and change the sensitivity of my trackball. Why I didnt change it to begin with. can they call me at another number to walk me though this. NO dammit, tell me what to do, call me back in 10 minutes.

So my track ball is still not working, oh and FYI dumb ass, I cant change the sensitivity to anything HIGHER, you need the TRACKBALL TO SCROLL UP! I swear it feels like a Monday! They still havent called back. Its been 25 minutes.

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