Sunday, June 3, 2012

The 3 Week Plan

That's what Im calling it.

We are starting new habits. We have 3 weeks to make it work. It starts tonight.

1) Bedtime for all the littles is at 9pm.  I tend to always have at least 1 child up at 11pm, 1am etc...

2) All meals/snacks will be eaten at the dining room table or outdoors. We are often rushing to get things done, and the kids will sit in the living room, on the floor in my office etc and eat. Im tired of steam cleaning carpets. Im tired of vacuuming 3 times a day. Im tired of sweeping up crumb paths. Im tired of people taking off with a bag of chips and me finding it 3 hours later, showering my carpet.

3) Dresser reassignment/closet cleanup! We will get clothing put in dressers/closets and no more rubbermade tubs in the laundry room.

4) Im going to exercise the orneriness out of these kids LOL that means bike rides, swimming lessons, and running around the house doing chores.

Ill keep ya posted on my progress.

Oh and I only have 3 wks because that is how long my biggest offender is going to be gone! The 33 yr old offender!


  1. Hi! New follower from MBC!

    You sound like me, always revamping the way things are and hoping for things to get better. They do, with effort and a little at a time, but I'm learning also to accept that we just in that season. Discipline for the kids is a must, but the mess... well... this, too, shall pass. ;)

    Would love a follow back if you could! You can find me at and thanks!

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