Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

So its 9am on New Year's Eve. Today I have 4 secret shops to knock out, and a trip to Game Stop. The kids are still sleeping and Im debating waking them up or letting them sleep. I believe the latter is going to win out.

Today also starts the rebirth of my diet. Over the holidays Ive gained back 8 of the 80 lbs Ive lost. In part I blame the fact that the weather got really cold for awhile, and trips to the park to jog 6-8 miles were impossible with my ankle. I need to move to some place tropical, my ankle does not like cold weather!

The kids decorated cookies last night. Well first they made a mess making them, then they decorated them, then they decorated themselves, then they decorated me. Who knew I was allergic to food coloring? Ha. I didnt, until my face was covered in food color enhanced frosting. My poor cheekies are now dry, flaking, and irritated from the whole 10 minutes it took to push George through the shower then get in myself. 

It started like this.... so peaceful

Then we got to this point----

Then they attacked me! The whispering began so innocently...

 Then came the attack!

Im a good sport though, I just made them clean up their mess. You're only a kid once in your lifetime, it might as well be fun!

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