Friday, December 31, 2010


Not resolutions, just changes! 2011's top 10 changes in the making!

1. 25 more lbs
2. Organize the receipts from 2010, and figure out where I can cut out 15% of my spending!
3. Complete at least 1 triathlon (thanks for the inspiration Bex :) )
4. The MCAT, enough said there! I need some 12's (scores) to get into the school I want, remind me of my goal friends!
5. I will maintain better contact with friends and family who aren't close enough to visit weekly :)
6. Christmas savings acct, I will maintain that $25 a week deposit and so will the person who agreed to match it!
7. The de-cluttering shall begin, today!
8. Transitioning the kids into better eating habits, for life.
9. Operation I need a pantry will be completed!
10. Volunteer

What are your 10 changes for the year?

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