Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is It Really THAT Time Again, Already?

School has already started here in the south. First grade appears to be as adventurous as kindergarten was. Lil dude loves it. Devil child starts preschool on Monday, can I get a HELL YEAH?! Seriously that is one child who needs school, badly. Lets hope they can work all the kinks out of that kid before she hits puberty.

Just kidding I know its not the schools job to fix the craptastic parenting the kid has received, but it sure would be nice if there was a magic button to undo some things!

First day!

Lunch with 6 first grade boys... it was filled with fake farting noises of every kind, and uncontrollable giggling :) My older son and I both enjoyed joining lil dude though ;)

It didnt stop older son from eating 3 hotdogs from Sonic 2 hours later though!

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