Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Facebook Overshare

I know you know what Im talking about.

They come in many forms, the person who confides to you that their marriage is having issues, yet they post back and forth to their spouse like they just fell in love. The sappy sickly sweet things you say when you first fall, and fall hard? Yeah that stuff. 

Or the person who has every illness known to man, all within a week time span. First its the bird flu, then they move on to mad cow disease, then its swine flu, then they have unexplained night sweats, then its night chills, then its a mysterious spot that could be a mole, or it could be a freckle or maybe a cyst, but they are sure its a tumor. By feeling the shape, it must be cancerous.

Their children have every illness around or even better are allergic to everything. They are gluten, lactose free in everything they eat because of poor child Wubsy. Then they post about the awesome pizza Wubsy consumed at Chuck E Cheese for his 4th birthday. Of course its not mentioned that a severe reaction occurred or that Wubsy was rushed to the emergency room due to the reaction, because the pizza was so good, they were able to overlook the gluten and lactose reactions for the day :) YAY! 

What about the parent who's child is always the victim of something, be it a teacher, another student, someone in daycare, someone else's parent. Someone somewhere has it out for this one poor child every moment of their entire life.The kids grades are poor because the teacher doesnt give them help. The child got into 40 fights last school year because they are picked on, and bullied. Its never their child's fault, always someone elses, even when their child is the only one involved.

I see the wheels turning, you are thinking I have some wacked out friends on Facebook LOL okay maybe I do, if you use the term "friend" loosely enough.  But seriously. Why does everything in life have to be dramatic for some people? Why do some have to put on a front, like life is perfect, when half the people on their friends list know otherwise.

I am one who will always have compassion for women who are in a relationship in which they are verbally, physically, emotionally abused, and are not yet ready to take the leap of faith needed to get out. I know how hard it is to get away from the cycle. How hard it is to finally say enough and leave. I just don't understand making life look like a fantasy, when its clear to everyone else, its not. 

I don't believe in fairy tales, there is no prince charming, or knight in shining armor. There are good men, but just like I can go from sweetheart to bitch in under 5 seconds, ever man has his faults, and no relationship is perfect. You would think that people who pretend life is perfect or the opposite, horrible 100% of the time would get that we as humans, see right through the charade, and there is no longer compassion, but pity or disdain.

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