Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blockbuster Blue Box

Or something of that nature. Anyhow... the other night we were driving to town (25 miles) to hit up the Redbox. I said to Mr Digger... wouldnt it be cool if they put a Redbox out here somewhere? Out here being the middle of no where near where we live. The closest town, population 1000 is only 7 miles from the house. Heck on a good day I could get one of the kids to walk that far for a new movie!

Mr Digger said we would never get one, someone would steal it.  Sad thing is he might be right. Either way... I was driving through town Saturday when I said something about it to my friend... and then looked over at the IGA and I saw the most beautiful sight in my life, a Blockbuster BLUE BOX!

I never in a million years expect to see that sight, but I was ecstatic! 7 miles vs 25 miles, who wouldnt pull over get out and run around their car 10 times hootin' and hollerin' in pure joy? After about the 5th time around the car I kinda felt foolish, but hey you only live once, reverse the direction and make it 10!

Sunday we went to town (little town) just to get movies from the Bluebox :)

I think though, that the statement about someone stealing it if we ever got one, came back and bit my husband in the tailend with a bit of karma though. Out of 4 movies rented, only one was worth watching. Ya win some, you lose some.

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