Saturday, October 1, 2011

Catching up? Probably not!

So since I cant even begin to remember everything that has gone on in the past few weeks Ill just post a few times with some highlights :)

School consumes 90% of my time, clinic is consuming 20% of my time, kids always consume 100% of my time, so you see where Im going right? It adds up to far more than 100% Im overusing my time!

This weekend lil dude and I are on our own. Its been nice having an empty house, Ive enjoyed it, mainly because Ive had the flu for the past almost 2 weeks and its really hard to get any sleep when you have to chase a million kids around :) Of course if you are a mother you know this... you know its hard to chase 1 small kid around when sick, let alone more than one!

So on today's agenda is barn painting! Thats right, Im painting my barn red. Why? Well because this spring I plan to plant huge sunflowers in front of it, just to take a really cool picture. Yep, Im painting the barn red for pictures.

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