Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sometimes I wanna just scream

Today is one of those days. First its fall break still, so since I dont have anyone to watch lil dude I cant go into the clinic today.

My oldest PITA needed a place to chill for the day, since her landlord is having an appraisal done on her house (they are selling it, but that is a totally different complaint) So she meanders over here to my house, somehow she winds up in her sister's room sleeping (WTF) and I wind up watching the kids, sort of.

I am at the kitchen table, studying and more importantly dealing with a facebook creeper and my 13 year old who is creeped out by the creeper.

Lil dude starts crying, and the next thing I know he is trying to tell me a lego was on fire and burnt his finger. Oh geez. Legos don't spontaneously combust. They just don't.  So after getting to the root of the issue, apparently he found my oldest PITA's ligher (damn smoker) and the little ones tried to light a lego and the bedroom on fire. UGH.

So now I have the lighter and a fried lego on the table and child slave labor has commenced. Today is a good day to go through all the clothes in this house and weed out everything that is TOO small.

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