Sunday, October 2, 2011

Painting the Barn

Ive been considering painting my barn for awhile now. I want a red barn... it was gray. So I finally decided this weekend was the weekend! I am painting the barn. I went to walmart to get barn paint, which they used to carry in 5 gallon buckets for about $60. When I got there, they had 1 gallon pails, for 25 each. Umm hmm

So I came home, and did my research online, and found that Rural King had barn paint for the best price. Lil dude and I ventured off to Rural King early saturday morning. What was listed online for $42.99 was marked $62.99 and had a shelf tag reading $54.99 confusing much? Being the person that I am, I pulled up online inserted my zipcode, and pulled up the store website. Showed the clerk the price it showed online, and got the paint for the price I had planned to pay.

However my barn has not been painted since Ive had this house (over 6 yrs) and the weathered wood literally soaked the paint in. 5 gallons got me 2 sides done. I have 2 sides left PLUS the gables.

The worst part though, is that the paint is not red, as the bucket stated. Its a clay/brownish color. So not only will I be buying 1 more bucket of this at $42.99 then I will be buying TRUE red barn paint from TSC for $50 for 5 gallons and probably need 2 of those. I figured about $100 for this project and its easily stretching into $200 fast. *sigh*

When its done, it will look really good for pictures with some sunflowers planted in front of it though :)

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