Saturday, October 22, 2011

What a morning!

I had full intentions of getting the girls' room completely cleaned out this morning, while my husband worked on his truck. As soon as I voiced my intentions, Freddy had other plans. She started in fussing... so a diaper change and cereal feeding took place, then I had a semi-content baby again :babygirl

Then I got in the bedroom. I think I stood there for about 10 minutes contemplating where to start. :seeingstars

This was my view--------------

I finally decided on the clothing that somehow came out of the dresser and wound up scattered from one wall to the other. :cantlook with the drawers still open it looks like the dresser threw up :banghead

I got about half way into the task of putting the clothes in the hamper when I decided it was a little warm in the bedroom, and stuffy, so I opened the curtains and window.... and saw the piglets, Eli and Snorkel were in the yard. :freakout :freakout :freakout :freakout

Dropped what I was doing and threw on a pair of flip flops, ran out into the yard. They ran around the barn a few times with wild obnoxious children chasing them before they went back into their pen, it appears a child or two opened the pen and forgot to close it :theshame

So since Im outside I might as well gather eggs, feed the animals etc. I had 22 eggs this morning. Made my way into the barn to feed the baby chicks and discover that not only did Eli and Snorkel get out "outside" the barn, they got out inside too. They rummaged through a rubbermaid tub tipping it over and helping themselves to an entire bag of baby chick feed :banghead :censored
:naughty :naughty :naughty

Once I got that mess cleaned up, I started back in the house, not even remembering what I was doing. Oh yeah, the bedroom. :hopeless

I got 2 laundry hampers FULL of clothes that in all probability are clean. But Im going to wash them anyhow, since I dont KNOW that they are clean. :freakout

I did get all the laundry off the floor, then Freddy fell asleep, so I had to leave the bedroom. I have one load in the washer, one in the dryer and 2 more still to be washed. Its now 1pm and it doesnt look like I have done anything in the house today.:slacker

People wonder why I wander in circles and dont remember anything :hystericlaugh

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