Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Long Long Day

I woke up in an excellent mood, went to sleep early, woke up feeling good smile.gif

Then.... life happened. sigh.gif

I was up at 420 or so, took a shower, put on makeup... drove over to the big brat's house  to pick up lil dude and baby J... Drove back home to put lil dude on bus, pulled up as bus pulled up. Made it but barely. Drove to town, picked up a friend, ran into walmart and put $25 on a walmart gift card for gas (gas is 10 cents a gallon cheaper if I buy the dumb gift card) Go to the pump, and it was malfunctioning. Then it said I had no money on the card (or so I thought) but I hadnt pumped anything yet. I went ahead and used my debit card put $10 in the tank and went on my way. Dropped the friend off at work, then headed to the school.

Still in an awesome mood. THEN..... I went to class, got annoyed in the library, and went to my lecture. Half way through my lecture my phone rings, its on silent but I notice it. Its the school so I answer, thinking maybe lil dude  got sick.

Nope. The bus took Devil child home, they knocked on the door etc... no answer. big brat stayed up all night last night, and fell asleep. I called, the school called. No answer. With the preschool program, only people on the list can get her, and you have to have ID. So I cut out of my lecture at 1210. Drove all the way back home, got Devil child, took her to  big brat's (who was awake at this point)

Made it back to school in time for my last class. So 200 miles on my truck today gaah.gif and $50 in gas, oh but big brat cant pay me for the second trip until Friday icon_rolleyes.gif

Mr Digger took off 2 hours early to get lil dude for me from his bus because obviously I cant trust big brat to do it.

THEN.... I start getting texts around 3 from friend, wanting to know when I will be out of school. Umm 430, same time as last week. sigh.gif can I leave early? No I can not. Its an hour class. I cant leave early. With Traffic it was 520 by the time I picked her up.

It was 7pm before I got home. It was 730 before we ate, quesadillas (Mexican food AGAIN)  and now here it is, after midnight, Im finally done studying, and I should go to bed, since 5am comes so early... but alas, Im not tired.

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