Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Every time I hear the word, I giggle just a little, and think back to the early 90's when Disney's Aladdin came out, and the seller in the market place trying to sell dead sea tupperware, its a hookah, and coffee maker, also makes julienne fries! Will not break! WILL NOT BREAK.... it broke. Hahaha.

Anyhow, shameless plug for my friend over at  Anchor's Away blog . Jessica is now selling tupperware, the real kind not the dead sea kind lol. So Im sharing with all you people who don't follow my blog, no wait, Im sharing for all you that DO FOLLOW me, and want some cool tupperware products for your ultra cool kitchen.

Ive made my shopping list, however it must wait until her next online party... but Ill show you my suggestions!

First off, these just look cool. I can probably stick kids snacks in them, but my thoughts are actually more selfish. I want them so I can take ranch with me when I go places and am packing my own lunch LOL $15 and tupperware will replace your items if something happens to them (even if you are like me and leave a lid sitting on the stove and turn the burner on)

 Then... there is this doozy of an item. I cant begin to tell you how many times I have made deviled eggs and have had no place to put them. They slide all over the plate, and sometimes off the plate. This is perfect for my eggs, and has other uses too! $26.99 good deal!

Then if you have items in your cart you can see 4 items that are on sale from that page.. one is a 3 in one storage container and it somehow made its way into my cart too :/ For $11.99 its worth it for those partial bags of cereal/chips/snacks!

So anyway... if you are interested in checking out Jess's online tupperware party, head on over to this link... or click any of the times I said TUPPERWARE in this post!

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