Thursday, October 13, 2011

One more.. then off to Brimstone

Not riding hellfire or anything ;)

I have one more final, then we are off to Brimstone Off Road Park in Huntsville, TN for the weekend. The weather, however is not being real cooperative at this point. It started raining around 10pm last night and has been raining off and on since then. I have managed to get from one building to another on campus today in between rain storms. This is fortunate for me because I did not bring extra clothes or a hoodie today. The one day that the temp just barely topped 70, and my hoodies are in the laundry being washed for the weekend. That is just straight up luck right there!

Loaded up 2 buggies last night, and the boys are at home right now finishing laundry, loading the cooler, and sleeping bags, and all I am supposed to have to do when I arrive at the house is get the clothes together.

I do plan to check the cooler though, on the off chance that the only thing on my list of things to load that got packed was the beer. Hey shit happens! Once that is done, its load em up and head out! 183 miles of rain sounds like a good time for a nap. Unfortunately my role on trips tends to be the person who interprets what the GPS is saying, since evidently she isnt real clear.  I do have to wonder though, if I gave her a male voice instead, would he be more likable to the driver?


Im somewhat anxious to see what the camping facilities consist of, as the nightly fee for a camp spot is pretty high for the area, and the lack of accommodations available. Its not like its located in the Smoky's or even near the Smoky's. So there better be some fine camping spots for the price, or Im sure I will blog all about it later!

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