Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stress is accumulating

Rapidly. I feel an implosion coming on. Well except that I dont have time to deal with an implosion from stress.

Its always something. tonight its the non-stop bickering and arguing from the kids, the Halloween costumes that have all arrived, except the one I cant seem to find, and am probably going to spend all day Friday attempting to make, so that a certain 2 yr old can be a fwog. 

Add all that to an already stressful day of organizing paperwork and putting it into a time line. The stress of added expenses that always seem to pop up at the wrong time, and of course the never ending stream of phone calls that are not returned. I realize everyone's time is important, I just wish everyone realized my time is important too.

It seems like when it rains, it not only pours, it floods and throws hurricane force winds in with it. If you cant bend under the pressure you will break. I hate to see the day that I finally break, but every time life throws lemons, I feel the breaking point getting closer.

Everyone is finally in bed. It was a rough night at bedtime too. I think they all feel the stress pouring off my body like sweat and it energizes them. The baby fussed for a good 2 hours, no amount of bumbo, bouncy,swing, play time was fixing it. Fed her changed her burped her... she puked, whats new. Still fussed. She finally gave up about 20 minutes ago. Lil dude never fights bedtime, he gets told go to bed, he goes. Not tonight. Up and down, water, potty, toothbrushing, and water again. I finally threatened great bodily harm, I havent heard a peep from that one since.

Baby J was doing good until she thought my bed was a good trampoline, even though Mr Digger was already asleep on it! She is easy though, chuck her in the bed and tell her if she gets up the light goes off. She doesnt move. Afraid of the dark works to my advantage for now.

Devil child, well she is going to be an issue come about 530 am  when I pull her from her dream world and make her take a bath, and get ready for school. Someday she will learn to listen.

Now Im thinking about homework, I should be doing homework, but because Im tired, wore out, stressed out, and feeling a bit depressed... Im still at the thinking about it stage.

Id say it can only get better, but that is almost a jinx. When I say it, life laughs and proves that it can, indeed get worse.

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