Thursday, October 27, 2011

530 attack of the alarm

Well it felt like the alarm clock was attacking me. Apparently it was just trying to get me up and going after not enough sleep.

I fear it will be another chaotic day. For the past week or so, my truck has fought me on starting in the morning. Then it decided to fight me on starting every time I start it. I believe its the battery for the rur rur noise it makes before it finally turns over. I thought maybe it had something to do with the day I had the stereo running while I worked on the chicken coop. However the alternator should have charge the battery up by now. Oh damn. It could be the damn alternator going out. FML I dont need that right now. DO NOT NEED THAT. Heck cant afford it. Ohh boy.

The day continued down the same bumpy path. Lil dude's bus was early (because we got to the stop at 634) and Devil Child's was late (because we have to stand outside and wait and it was pouring rain) The only explanations I can find for why these things always seem to happen on a day where there just isnt enough time, and i just didnt get enough sleep!

It is party day for Devil child, so she got to wear her costume to school.

Unfortunately this brought about a wave of tears from baby J because
A) we have YET to find a costume for her that is affordable
B) she didnt get to wear a costume
C) She doesnt go to school on the 2 days they are celebrating... Friday with trick or treating on campus and Monday with a party in the class... she goes Tuesday and Thursday. :/

Baby Freddy was all smiles, but I dont think she knows any better!

Drove to school, found parking, which was somewhat scary as there is never parking in one of the closer lots by 815 on a Thursday! Then promptly realized that it is still raining, and the only umbrella I have in the truck is.... yep that pretty pink princess one. I just dont think about buying one when it isnt raining. Who remembers to buy an umbrella if its sunny out? So the pretty pink umbrella and I made our way to class.  I considered skipping or prancing, because I feel so pretty when I carry it. I didnt want to miss class when they carried me away in a straight jacket though.

Around 11 I discovered that big brat will not be getting lil dude off the bus. Great time to tell me. Bus comes at 330pm I get out of class at 430pm. Its 55 miles from school to the bus stop. See the issue? Dammit. I need a wife.

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