Monday, October 17, 2011

Brimstone Recreation Huntsville, Tennessee

We have returned home, safe and in one piece. Wish I could say the same for the buggies! Wheel bearings shot on one, and the other, well lets just say if the motor had been left in it, instead of trying to make it "better" by swapping engines, it would have survived just fine. Unfortunately, it has an overheating issue, and in turn likes to blow head gaskets. As in multiple times.

Overall it was a good trip. We didnt get to ride very much... one trip out for me, and less than that for poor lil dude. But the friends and campfire gossip is always good!

The campgrounds, while decent, were not worth $38 a night (at least not in my book) when compared to the nightly rates at St Joe State Park in Missouri. Of course this being a "privately" owned campground, you can't really expect the type of facilities that the state is able to provide. The restrooms were often out of toilet paper and paper towels, and the cost to shower was kind of ridiculous. If I pay $38 for a camp site per night, and it includes water, why on earth should I pay $1.00 for 3 minutes of shower time and 25 cents for each additional 45 seconds? There isn't even a buzzer like the local car wash has to warn you that your time is running low.  Have you ever considered the amount of time it takes to shower? 3 minutes doesn't cut it, and really 5 doesn't either... unless you are accustom to walking around with soap residue all over your body. So for a shower plan on a good $3.00 per person per day. After the $38 you paid for your camp site, if you have more than a couple people in your group, this gets expensive. Imagine if I had taken ALL the kids this weekend? For the same $50 a night this ran, you can stay in the semi-local hotel. One upside to Brimstone... no quiet hours. An issue we run into at St Joe every year. Our group doesnt usually get quiet until around midnight.  You can ride all night at Brimstone, another bonus, as long as you have 2 working headlights!  Overall I will give them a 2.5 star rating.

The nightly campfire activities got moved to a central location (which wound up being our friends' campsite) where we ate too much, drank too much and laughed all night long. Our friends from Florida came up, mamaChuck made her famous delicious cheese dips and brought two huge bags of chips to go with them. MrsHarley made some to die for chili, and of course we grilled burgers, dogs, and brats for mass consumption. Smores with the huge campfire marshmallows dont work too well... too much marshmallow, not enough chocolate (according to those who ate them, I refrained). The food was a bit too much for my diet, and I fell off that wagon the entire weekend. Carbs clung to my derriere for a gain of 3 LBS this weekend. Oh Lawdy!

The guys in the campsite on the other side of the mama & poppaChuck took a liking to lil dude and bought him a Brimstone teeshirt, he was so thrilled. I have such a social little man, and he can talk mechanics with the best of them! I love that he has spent so much time in the garage, that at 6 he knows the basic workings of a motor.  Now if we can just get him to stop trying to trade off what we have for what he wants LOL

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