Saturday, October 1, 2011

Farm expansion

So after last summer's Great Chicken Massacre, I decided to order some chicks from Ive ordered from them before, and had good luck with the chicks I get. So I went online and started building my shopping cart, 2 chicks at a time.  The soonest ship date was September 21st, so I ordered my chicks for that date. 15 of them.

Well then I noticed Red, my broody hen sitting on a nest, when I poked her enough she moved to reveal she was sitting on 15 eggs. I figured they probably wouldnt hatch, simply because my biggest roo was only 5 months old.

I should have known better LOL chicks started hatching September 15th. I was gone over the weekend but came home to 2 eggs left. One partially hatched and one that didnt even try. So I figured I had 13 chicks running with Red. Nope just 2. Cute little black and yellow production red/barred rock mixes.

Then she overtook one of the other hen's nest and started sitting on THEIR eggs!

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