Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quick redemption

With our economy still being stagnant, I like many other consumers am watching every penny. I try to rent my textbooks from places like Chegg or buy used.

I had a biology book out through Chegg over the summer. I extended my rental period to the end of my class, or so I had thought. The original rental period was a semester (16 wks) for $41. When I extended I paid $30 for what I misread as being an additional 12 wks (but wound up being 6 wks). So Chegg doesnt send a reminder letter telling me my book is due (or even the text I signed up to get telling me to send the sucker back) they charge my debit cared $95 for the book (which then goes down in buy it now price to $45 the NEXT day, but that is another blog)  So I go online and I print out the shipping label, and promptly send it back the same day.

Their verification system shows it arrived in their warehouse October 3rd, before the must be shipped by or purchase is final date. On the site it says please allow 5 business days for processing and refund. Great, should have my $95 back by October 11th (5 business days) October 12th, no refund, I inquire on their site as to the status of my refund. Their site says all inquiries during business hours are answered via email within 30 minutes. Great! At least Ill know what is up... Wrong. 4 business inquiries over the next 7 days all met with NO RESPONSE.

Last night in a last ditch effort of civility, I emailed once again, this time I listed the book, and the dates of my previous inquiries. I also mentioned I would be blogging about this, as well as writing about it to the college paper (a lot of students at my school use Chegg) Within an hour of emailing (after business hours I might add) I received a response and my refund was processed.

The thing is, I will probably use Chegg again. Their prices are good, service getting books out to you after being ordered are super fast (2 days), and overall they have what you need.  Im happy they made things right, the thing is all they would have had to do to make me happy, was to let me know within 24 of my first email that they were busy this time of year and would have my book processed back into their system soon.  Thank you Chegg, you redeemed yourself, at least in my eyes.

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