Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day at the Zoo

Its been a couple weeks ago actually, I just always seem to run out of time to post our latest adventures, so today is a 2 for one day... you get to hear about our Saturday at the Zoo, plus later you will get to hear about our Saturday at the parade :)

My intentions as always never went like planned. I had planned to take 2 kids to the Zoo, lil dude and one of the girls. What I wound up doing was taking lil dude and all 3 girls. Im sure it looked like a circus had arrived at the Zoo.

Baby backpack for Freddy, stroller for baby J, and hope and pray that devil child listened to me that day. It actually went pretty well, all things considered. The one thing devil child insisted on seeing was, are you ready for this? The FROGS. Not the lions, the tigers, the zebras. The frogs.  it matters not that we have frogs at home, or that you can actually touch or hold them in the backyard. The frogs were what she wanted to see.

It was actually fun watching baby J (who at almost 3 isnt really much of a baby anymore :( )  She was definitely thrilled by all the animals at the zoo, big and small. She minded (better than I expected) and even asked me yesterday to take her back to the Zoo lol.

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