Sunday, October 30, 2011

iPhone App store is the devil

Lil dude loves my iPhone, probably more than I do. Don't get me wrong, I love most everything the phone is capable of, well except it sucks at being a phone if you are wanting to use it to actually "talk" to someone.  I suppose I could blame it on being in that 3% of America that AT&T doesn't cover, except according to their map, I SHOULD have coverage! Couple that with the fact that my previous phone, the Blackberry Torch got excellent coverage everywhere that the iPhone has no service.

Now add on that you need access to the internet to run 90% of the apps once you have them installed. You see the issue? I cant check anything or even send a text almost the entire 56 miles to school. If I were to get a flat tire, break down, or have a wreck... I would be screwed.

But wait that isnt what I was blogging about. Save the service coverage for another day ;)

The app store. Awesome store, lots of options. Lots of things that little 6 yr old boys will love. One of our FIRST talks, and a constant one, you can only have things that say F-R-E-E. For the first month he did good, only downloaded things that said F-R-E-E. Then last week somewhere it went wrong. May have been the excitement of finding a monster truck game. Maybe it was finding a Call of Duty type shooting game. Regardless the game he showed me originally that day when I entered my password was F-R-E-E, the next 6 he downloaded were not *big sigh* they ranged from $2.99 to $4.99 a game, the total was $21 with tax. I know its just $21 but my tight budget knows $21 will get me to school and back for a day.

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  1. Oh, I am totally dreading the day when my kids are old enough to download stuff on their own! The sad thing is that they'll probably be smarter than we are about computer stuff by that point! I'm pretty sure my son will be able to hack around any parental controls we might turn on. *sigh* But we have a little while before we have to worry about that at least!

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