Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A tale of two Piggies

October is obviously the month for P related post! Today is about piggies. Pot belly ones to be exact.  The piglets are rapidly coming up on being 3 months old. I have a friend who has a new piglet who wears a harness, sleeps in a crate in the house and goes to work with him.

 So I decided to look around about harnesses and  piggy training for the girls and their pigs. I got Eli a harness (normal dog harness works fine) and a leash.  Today was my first attempt to harness Eli.

First I fed Maybelle and Mr Porkchop some grapes to ensure their cooperation in my attempt to harness a piglet. Pigs can be bribed with fruit or other yummy foods. Imagine that?!!  Then I blocked off the the entrance to the barn, and then chased Eli around the barnyard. Im sure it was quite comical. I finally caught her, and closed the gate.

I thought sitting on a concrete block right by the pen would keep her from screaming too loudly. I was wrong. She shreaked so loudly, and so much, that eventually the dog was barking at me to let the poor pig go. But I carried on.

I finally got her situated in her harness and on the leash and sat down to attempt to bribe her with grapes. She was having none of that, but mom and dad sure did chow down on what she wouldnt eat.

She let off a few pleading shreaks and I heard something behind me. Charging towards me was Snorkel, Eli's sister. Apparently she felt the need to come out the barn door (that I left open OOPS) and rescue her sister, but then she noticed chicken scratch on the ground, and her sisters plight didnt seem near as desperate apparently.... she stopped dead in her tracks and started munching down, sharing what she found with one of the hens. LOL

After 15 minutes of leash time I let Eli back in the pen with mom and dad. She promptly went to the corner and sat there pouting like a sullen teenager (probably learned it from her human "momma")

After finding Snorkel had moved into the chicken coop and was eating the ducks food and frolicking in the ducks water, I figured she had, had enough freedom and chased her back into the pen.

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