Monday, October 17, 2011

What the Heck AT&T?

I was going over my overly expensive bill, and wondering what the heck was going on... which I figured out most of it, billed for 2 months of service on the 2 new lines. But then I noticed that the price of mobile insurance has gone up $2 a month, while admittedly the cost is cheap compared to the cost of a new blackberry or iphone (the 5 phones of choice in my home) the fact that I got no notice of the increase is pretty screwed up in my humble opinion.  I can afford the extra $10 on my bill, that really isnt the issue. I have an issue with not getting any kind of notice, in writing, or on my bill, or online when I sign in and I have 100 other emails from AT&T trying to sell me things I dont want or dont need. No notice of a fee increase. AT&T SUCKS at customer service and retention.

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