Sunday, November 6, 2011

The 5 hour cooking...

of the $12 pumpkin. Yep thats right it was TOO big to fit in the pot in one cooking, or two, or even three. I even baked a pan of pumpkin too! By the time I was done cutting cooking and mashing pumpkin it was time to fix supper and I had no desire to make anything pumpkin related last night... so tonight Im hoping to have time to make a cheesecake :) Low carb of course ;)

I should have had the forethought to weigh the pumpkin first, but didnt think about it until it was all chopped up and half cooked. But there she is, in her full sized beauty.

Tried to cut the top off, like you would a jack-o-lantern but it was thicker than I anticipated! Took a bit more cutting to get into the guts of the pumpkin!

 First section cut out, almost completely filled my huge stock pot once chopped into smaller pieces. This was when I realized this would turn into an all day project!

 Then I decided to bake some of the pumpkin as well. Sliced a slab into small sections, buttered the bottom of the pan then sprinkled cinnamon on the pan as well. Few chunks of butter between slices for good measure ;) Heated the oven to 400 and baked about 35-40 minutes.

My helper picking seeds out of the pile of pumpkin guts. We baked about half the seeds and saved the other half for planting this spring :)

After we got all the guts separated from the seeds, we took the leftovers out to the pigs, who showed us that they LOVE pumpkins :)

Baked pan of pumpkin at end of baking. It smelled so good I couldnt help but try a piece and it was wonderful, somewhat like cooking an acorn squash with butter and brown sugar, too good to be a vegetable :D

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