Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wait is it really

Only 46 days until Christmas?  I am usually so much more organized than this. I usually have a huge part of our shopping done and out of the way. This year. Yeah. I bought a new coffee maker for Mr Digger, his died a couple months ago, and he has been limping through his morning coffee routine with a cheap $10 maker I bought him for his shop a few years ago.

Money is tight, and everything the kids seem to want costs a fortune. Between attorneys fees and vehicles with phantom issues that cant be resolved the money tree has stopped producing this year. I know my older kids will completely understand, its the little ones I worry about :( 

With the fall semester time has been an issue and I havent done a mystery shop since August. I just may have to stalk some boards for some good shops to coincide with Christmas presents... off to see whats out there right now.

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