Saturday, November 26, 2011


Let me start this by saying, I have been posting from my iphone, unfortunately the app has failed me and it has saved the last week of posts as "drafts" not posts.

I am back on my laptop and am hitting PUBLISH on my missing posts :)

Thanksgiving was pulled off this year without any hitches, well there was one MAJOR one, but I will have to discuss that later, when its "safe" LOL

Last night I stayed up and made my pies and pumpkin bread, to attempt to save time cooking today. Or at least that was my reasoning for baking the night before.

Today I was up bright and early, threw the turkey in the roaster... who bought the 12 lb turkey? Never leave a man in charge, I always say. This proves Im right! Then I set out to make everything else I could think of :)

the results :)

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