Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I should have started this 9 days ago

But... Im a procrastinator.

A lot of people are doing things they are thankful for this month in honor of Thanksgiving.

So----- November 9th 2011

I am thankful for my  kids, everything I do in life is for them. Nothing melts my heart more than my high school freshman wanting me to come join him for lunch, knowing that when I was in highschool I didnt want either of my parents anywhere NEAR the school.  I love getting random texts from my baby girl just telling me she loves me or she sends me a <3 :)  I love when lil dude tells me Im the best. When the little girls get excited that we are going to MY house :)

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  1. Awwww that's sweet. As close as my mom and I are and were I would have wanted to eat lunch with her in High School ;-)