Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Allergic to life

Friday I took a shower and applied some lotion I have been using on my face for over a month (bought it before Christmas). Never had any issues with it at all.

Then my face started to feel hot, hives, flushed, swelling. :seeingstars I have random allergies so not that big of a deal. :shakehead By the time I got to the airport to pick up Jess I'm pretty sure I was resembling the Nutty Professor. However both Jess and my dd were wonderful and lied and told me I just looked like I had a sun burn :snicker that evening we decided maybe I should go buy benedryl and hydrocortisone cream. People in walmart were seriously STARING at me. :hide I felt tempted to run my hand across my face and wipe it on them.... but I didn't. :nocomment

Then the next morning came :freakout My eyes were puffy swollen shut, my face itched something fierce. :banghead and we were headed to visit friends. I snagged an icepack from the freezer and rode the 100 miles to our friends house with it on my face off and on. benedryl all day, and for the most part it wasnt too bad by Sunday.

I have to say Im grateful to Jess who didnt take any facial pictures of me during those days (or if she did she didnt tell me LOL)

I dont get it though. Been using that lotion for quite awhile with no problems. :dunno

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