Monday, February 7, 2011

It's official, I hate kindergarten

Hate it. Loathe it. Germs germs everywhere. For 5 years I lil dude got sick maybe twice. Seriously we never really got colds in the house, we got the swine flu thanks to Sam in 2009.  Beyond that and a sniffle here or there, this kid was never sick. No mysterious fevers, no horrible hacking in the middle of the night, no puking or diarrhea.

Then we went to kindergarten. We have had puking, we have had diarrhea, we have had a hacking cough more times than I can count. Today we have a hacking cough (that has lasted ALL weekend) we have a fever that has been hit and miss all weekend, and we have an earache. I know they want you to learn to share, but this is one thing I would rather they didn't!

Sure we were super lucky for 5 yrs, I get that. Why cant we be lucky for 5 or 10 more? Too much to ask? Probably so. So we have called into school today, unfortunately I JUST scheduled 8 jobs this morning for today, and there's no backing out of those just because my little one is ill. So Ill call the pediatrician get him seen, and I guess ask Sam to watch him, its not like the girls weren't already exposed to the hacking cough all weekend.  UGH. I hate kindergarten and the sharing of germs.

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