Friday, February 11, 2011

I know I mentioned it...

That I hate this weather right?  Yep Wednesday and Thursday nights storm along with the 4 degree temperatures confirm it. Spring is no where to be found, thats for sure. The kids have gone crazy, having suffered through 11 snow days off from school already (not consecutive) and today makes 12.  Of course come November I will be saying "I wish it would snow!" So be sure to remind me at that point in time, about what a hypocrite I am about the weather LOL

Heading home from school when it first started...

So warm!
 right off the back deck... just under 8 inches.
 Snow, snow and yep more snow!
 The chicken coop... they couldnt get to the nesting boxes this morning, not that it matters they are molting right now and not laying anyway.
 The chicken wire on TOP of the coop, sagging under the weight of so much snow. How it stuck to the wire and didnt just fall into the coop, Ill never know.

 Snow pigs! not really, they like to hang out in the barn, but came out to greet me and beg for a meal.

 Sissy thinks that pig food tastes better than dog food. Maybelle, being the pig that she is, squealed at Sissy and tried to BITE her... all over a little bit of pig food.
 As much as I am tired of the cold weather, I must admit it is stunningly beautiful :)

 Sissy isnt real fond of the snow/ I think she was on the deck looking for a way back into the house.
 Zhuie wasnt fond of it either! he sat at my feet shivering and whining the entire time we were outside.
 Little John my snow dog :)

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