Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Training Tuesday... what do you mean its Wednesday?!?

Im losing track of days... or they are all running together. Got up super early, made it to walmart for the kindergarten snack, then got lil dude dropped of at school. Headed to school myself and made it through the day, but barely. I don't know HOW Im going to make it through medical school, other than that I will NOT be working and I certainly wont be doing housework either! 

I made my way from school to the gym, and was able to get in 1 hr... 13 miles on the cycle. I almost kept going. Almost. I wasnt sore, it didnt hurt, I actually felt pretty good, until I got off the bike LOL woo whee I had some jello legs! 

I picked up a book to read while there, I read for probably the first 30 minutes. So  I picked up the latest Fern Michaels book in the Sisterhood series, Deja Vu. Fern Michaels is probably my favorite author, well that or  Janet Evanovich. Now that woman can make you LAUGH. This book though, it has started out a bit on the dry side. I guess I am used to the fast pace of the other sisterhood books and expected this to jump right in. Or maybe it does and I was too busy sweating to notice what I was reading. 

I made it to the school with about 10 minutes to spare to pick up lil dude. We ran to the house to pick up my Nikon, that I had ever so gently packaged up to send to the magic camera fixit people through the warranty department at NEW, the camera that I left sitting on the table in my haste to make it out the door on time this morning.  We took it and dropped it off at the UPS store. 

I just have to say WTF? The UPS store, where you take things that need to be shipped via UPS, with the prepaid label that the fixit people sent me. That would mean no cost to most people right? Well evidently not the UPS store. There is a $2 DROP OFF FEE. Do what? So what does UPS tell me about this? The stores are .... yep franchises, and while they use the UPS name, they are independent of the actual corporation. The fees are decided by each location. Well aint that dandy. 

So then I head home. Apparently Monday night someone ate all of "my" cheese. That would be the cheese I am allowed to consume on my low carb high protein diet. Hard cheese, like colby, jack, cheddar etc. So when I was fixin' to make cheesy scrambled eggs last night for dinner, I discovered my eggs would not be cheesy. Needless to say, I wasn't too thrilled with someone. I even let them know they were on my crappy list.

So I got home this evening and on the kitchen counter was a bag with pork rinds, peanuts, peanut butter, muscle milk... and CHEESE. All foods Im allowed on my diet. What a gem *giggle* I have trained him well in some areas. Not so well in others.

Then Sam tells me a story about lil devil child. Apparently she wanted scrambled eggs this morning. She asked Sam, can you make me eggs. To which Sam said she was busy doing something... and maybe daddy could make her eggs.

Well lil devil child obviously pays close attention to the going ons in her home. She replied, completely deadpan.... He cant make eggs, he cant even get a damn job. Ohh! ZING! But its true, can't punish the child for telling the truth. 

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