Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I admit, Ive become addicted to it.... Teen Mom2

Jenelle---I was impressed by Jenelle's mom this week. Like seriously impressed. She didnt yell, she just honestly seemed to be concerned about Jenelle moving away with her financial aid money from school, and Keiffer not having a job. I believe her worries about Jenelle winding up broke are definitely justified, and she wasnt rude about the way she approached it.. AND when Jenelle got upset, she let it go, which has been an issue for both of them, knowing when the discussion has become an argument and knowing to just let it go.

Chelsea---Her storyline was pretty uneventful, I think there is nothing wrong with getting a GED, but if she hasnt learned enough from what schooling she has taken, she may not pass that the first time either. The more I see the boyfriend sit on his ass without a job or help out with the baby, the more I really believe her moving him in was a dumb dumb dumb move. He cant even wake up to watch his daughter so that Chelsea can go take care of school things.

Kailyn---Yeah. While I dont sympathize with Jo, and think the text he sent was completely shitty, he makes a very valid point, that 2 jobs and school to have her own place leaves no time for her son. I dont think they should move in to a house together just because they have a child, but I hate the way she appears to just want her cake and eat it to... She refers to their split as a break. Like she will go out try a few guys out and when she's done she might come back. I think in that aspect she is kind of leading him on, and I think its shitty. I think his heart might be in the right place, and he is just too immature to deal with the situation or circumstances the right way. I think they would benefit from counseling, both together and separate. Together because regardless of whether they remain a couple or split they have a child together and they need to learn to communicate for that child. There are enough vindictive hateful people out there with children together than have bitter fights and evil words about their ex in front of the kids. In the end it just screws the kids up.

Leah---I thought Corey's fishing trip was adorable, and the constant smile on his face speaks volumes about how he feels about Leah. I think with the support of their families, they are going to do just fine.

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