Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another day of NOT being a fan of AT&T

So the track ball issues of 2 wks ago, yeah still not resolved, still no new phone sent out, and today they want me to redo all the steps that they had me do last week, and the week before. Im sorry when your item is covered by a warranty and by insurance it should not take this long to fix the problem. Sprint doesnt take this long! Can you tell I miss Sprint? Like really really really bad!

I realize I have to jump through the hoops, and try numerous things that are common knowledge to anyone who has ever had any technical issues with a cell phone. But do I really have to jump through the hoops 3 TIMES?

Have I mentioned I HATE AT&T lately? Well I do. Click the link, you know you want to LOL

And here we go, transferred to Warranty. Then transferred to insurance department. Why is this so difficult? How long until my contract is up? Seriously? How long? Too damn long thats for sure! My thoughts on the situation? This is probably their call center training center.

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