Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another reason men suck.

I seriously need to start a list. This one is most certainly not just my man, but the majority of them!

So I am still doing the low carb/high protein lifestyle. Im back down where I was before the holidays FINALLY... after 2 months of working on it, and strep throat that pushed me over the edge of the last 5 lbs, GO STREP THROAT! 

So 3 weeks ago my husband decides he wants to lose 40 lbs (he needed to anyhow so who was I to say a damn thing about it?) Yeah... so he says he will eat what I eat, no more buying junk food for him (or the kids LOL) no more breads, cereal etc.

In my mind, I honestly envisioned this lasting 2 days. That was optimistic too. But here we are about 3.5 wks into this, and that asshat has lost 25 GOSH DARN LBS! 25 of those suckers JUST LIKE THAT.

Of course Im proud of him for sticking with it. But honestly... 

Im f*#$%^ing jealous as hell.

It was no where NEAR this easy for me. I had to work hard to lose what I have lost.  I find small comfort in the fact that, well he had more to lose than I did LOL but its a very small comfort.  It ticks me off when he stands in front of the mirror going, I don't know if I can tell... I want to take out the blackmail pictures I have taken over the past 5 years of his huge ass gut and tell him I sure as hell can tell.... but I don't. I wonder if I'm going to hell for wanting to though? ;)

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