Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baseball season is upon us!

Friday I signed not just ONE kid up for tee-ball, but TWO! What was I thinking? LOL I was thinking devil child would love to play too, and at only $25 per kid, well worth the investment!

So I went to the local auto parts store (because when you live in the middle of no where that is where you sign up for things like tee-ball, baseball, softball, etc) and dutifully filled out 2 forms. As an afterthought, I made it known that I did *NOT* want them on the same team. This led to some serious confusion. Why on earth would I want to be at the ball park 4 nights a week? Well because devil child is a royal pain in the butt when it comes to her lil dude. She is mean and rude. I blame her mother!

So after that was done, we ventured off to Hopkinsville to get bats, and helmets and mitts. The trip there was fairly uneventful... as in I was almost there and discovered a tire going low. GAAH! No way! Just a few weeks ago I had 3 flat tires, the one that didnt go flat then... goes flat now! What the heck? Who did I piss off? Who drives in front of me throwing nails out on the road? Ill probably never know. I made it into the Kmart parking lot... limping in on a very flat tire. We went in, and bought what we went after, plus a can of large tire fix a flat, and a package of tire plugs. 

Now, I have never plugged a tire before but it cant be that hard can it? We come back out and I do the fix a flat first. It brings the tire up some but I hear the distinct hissing of air, and I see radial wires all the way around where I drove on a flat. I  was able to find 2 holes, and shoved plugs in both of them. I then bought a second can of fix a flat, PLUS chocolate bunnies and cheetos for the kids for dinner. Yep I did. Chocolate bunnies and white cheddar cheetos. The cheese had to be healthy right?

I got the tire up enough to drive it, first to walmart to try and replace the tire... only to find the tire center CLOSED. So I drove around looking for a gas station that had air. You know, the kind that you pay to put in your tire... yeah it must be something they dont do in Kentucky. Ugh.

So I thought well I can drive slow and maybe make it closer to home.... and I did! about 5 miles closer. I wound up waiting about 3 hours for my husband to show up and rescue me.  Instead of getting home around 7pm, I got home at 1am.

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  1. It must of been all that driving around you did with me when I was there and speeding to the airport :( I'm sorry