Monday, March 28, 2011

Official members of the Bag Ladies Club

Im so proud! This past weekend I became an official member (and a founding member) of the Bag Ladies.  Some people drink from a can. Others from a bottle. Not us. We are sophisticated, and all for the low low price of 1.99 each. We drink from bags. Not just any bag.  These bags are special. The alcohol content is outrageous. 1 leaves ya feeling a bit tipsy. 2 and you are pretty close to gone. 3 and you are out there!

MrsPapaChuck came across bags of fuzzy navel and strawberry daiquiris at Sam's club. She sent PapaChuck to get 2 cases. When she said 2 cases she meant 2 4 packs, they are sold kinda like wine coolers are in that aspect. Well PapaChuck misunderstood and came out with 2 CASES, as in 24 to each huge box. Turns out that was probably pretty smart! Wonderful Individual bags of frozen blended yumminess. While at first we were hesitant to drink from a bag, our inhibitions quickly faded with the first sip. Whoever thought this up, was a true genius.

The directions on the bag specifically tell you, freeze for 8 hours and that you need to massage the bag prior to drinking.

Muddy and her bag, strawberry daiquiri.

 MrsPapaChuck and her bag, another strawberry daquiri fan!

They can even knock a big tough Marine like G-ray for a loop!

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