Monday, March 28, 2011

Its always an adventure

It seems like any where we go, it's always an adventure. This past weekend took us to Aurora Kentucky, near Land between the lakes, and Turkey Bay ORV park. 

The past few times we have had a buggy ride at Turkey Bay we have all crashed at Lakeland Resort. Its not really a resort by any means, just a comfy place that lets us be loud, build bonfires, and enjoy the company of our fellow buggy riders. 

This year's adventure was certainly no different. We arrived around 1pm on friday, in the midst of a rain and sleet storm. We went from 80 degree weather on Wednesday to sleet and 33 on Friday.

We unloaded the trucks, set up house in the Fisherman's Cabin this year. A cute but old 2 story house at the back of the "resort".  We at at Willow Pond, and it was definitely not worth all the carbs I had to eat there. While the food was okay it wasn't nearly as good as I recall from past trips to the bay.

We got back that evening and sat around chit chatting.  The women folk went to bed a bit early probably because we were the ones who not only packed everything to go for the weekend but then unpacked it all when we got there, all while wrangling what seemed to be 2 dozen kids LOL

I woke to what sounded like a damn elephant coming up the stairs. It was Digger. He came in and pretty much yelled in his best drunken whisper... There are no sheets or blankets for the pull out couch downstairs. I said fine, Ill move lil dude to our bed, and G-ray and Mrs G-ray can sleep in the other double bed in our room. He headed back down the stairs... sounding like an elephant with his work boots on. All of the sudden I hear a crash. I get up and find Digger on the stairs I thought he had fallen, and all I could do was tell him to shut up, he was going to wake the kids! Well it appears he didnt fall, because Mr Muddy then erupts into peals of laughter.

I know it must be good and I head down the stairs with the camera.

The pull out couch can best be explained as--- a taco. The frame was old and rickety. The center sagged and had no support. G-Ray laid on the bed, and he folded up quite nice... just like a taco.  This one will go down in the history books for sure.

The next day... it took 2 guys (Mr Muddy and Digger) 34 minutes to get the bed shoved back in the couch. I think the out of order sign *DO NOT USE* on the woodstove would have best served its purpose on the pull out couch!

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