Thursday, March 3, 2011

Waste of money? Possibly! Review of N.E.W extended warranty program

So as many of you know, my $500 Nikon was having issues for the second time. I sent it off 10 months after I bought it to Nikon as it was still covered under the warranty. The flash had died, and I would get a lense not attached error when I tried to take pictures about half the time. Nikon was semi fast at getting it fixed and sent back to me. The repair lasted 1 yr. By this time the factory warranty had expired, but I bought the 2 yr extended warranty on the camera.

I sent it off February 2nd, and received it back February 15th. I have taken about 100 pictures with it since I got it back. I noticed that it still does not respond well in auto focus, it should automatically take a picture as soon as you press the button. I know this because this is what it did, not only when I bought it, but after Nikon fixed it for me. It doesnt do this. In fact about half the time it does not want to auto focus at all. It just sits there. It has done this since I got it back. This leads me to believe they didnt fix anything. The paperwork doesnt say what they repaired, which Nikon does tell you exactly what they have done to fix your issues.

Tonight I turn it on and the dreaded lens not attached message appears. I have requested repair again, but have little hope that this off the wall camera shop in Illinois knows how to fix it. If they did, wouldnt they have fixed it the LAST time I sent it in?  Im beyond frustrated at N.E.W extended warranty, and apparently there is no actual customer service number with a real human being. Stay tuned. I may have N.E.W extended warranty on blast soon.

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