Friday, March 18, 2011

For the love of Pits

I have a friend on facebook, that does such a wonderful job trying to rescue every pit bull out of shelters in southern California. He isn't with Villalobos or anything like that. Just a normal person working a normal job for Petco,  who loves pit bulls.

When I can, I donate for medical care for his rescues. Tonight its his own personal baby Abby who is in need. If there are any pet lovers who read this, and have a dollar sitting in paypal, Abby could use some funding for a pretty hefty medical bill.

Tyler's post about Abby

I rescued Abby when she was 8 wks old in horrible condition--prior to a yr old she was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia, two torn acl's ( which she had surgery on both at $8,000.00 )....she just turned two in October and was diagnosed with severe elbow ...osteoarthritis and arthritis in her shoulder blades. Abby is my soul dog..literally... I took her in this morning to the hospital for stem cell transplant and was just advised they were able to pull 10 vials of fat cells to harvest, which they really werent expecting to pull so much..which kicks my bill up another $1600.00--each vial to process at Vet Stem is an additional $200.00...I am close to 5K now and they need a portion up front in order to bank the remaining vials...I wasnt quite prepared for all the estimate to jump up so much....and worried that she wont get what she needs now... I am going to be relocating to SA, Texas with my job within the next 6 mos and can't afford all of this on my own due to so many vet bills with other rescues , my recent health issues--ambulance ride to the ER etc....I just want to do whats best for her...If anyone can or is willing to donate--please help me help her....she is so young and has so much life & love in her... I have insurance on all 4 of my dogs ( pitties ) but unfortunately she was diagnosed prior to having insurance at about 7-9 mos old old..and it's genetic. Yes I chose stem cell as an alternative--because I want her to experience a pain free life, without medications and to be able to run and play like other dogs--and like she hasnt been able too...Abby has been on supplements all her life--glucosamine, grizzly salmon oil etc.. I know this is asking a lot as this is now one of my own that I chose to keep with me but any help you can give to help me , help her we will be extremely grateful for...


The CHIPIN link will take you to paypal every dollar will help, and if you haven't got a dollar, or donate to something else, or  just don't feel comfortable donating... can you say a prayer for Tyler and Abby? Tyler's year has been pretty rough and they could both use it. They need each other.

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