Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning.... has begun

Spring cleaning has begun! Okay well really I started it back in February, but didnt get very far :snicker So last night we went and bought a box of huge black trash bags (we dont keep them on hand) and we filled up 14 of them suckers! :freakout I had probably 30 empty feed bags in my feed trailer, yard trimmings from last fall :hide boxes, boxes and more boxes from Christmas and who knows what else, and we had tons of newspapers, magazines etc that I had full intentions of recycling... :topoftheworld except that I used to take them to walmart where they had bins for recycling but the bins are gone :sadeyes Recycling isnt a big thing in this area yet, we tend to be about 10 yrs behind the rest of the civilized nation when it comes to just about everything.

The first Saturday of the month is free dump day, so we loaded up the truck with our trash bags full of junk, as well as some broken toys, 2 broken umbrella strollers, and a microwave that was KIA. Our total weight when we got to the scale was 4140 that's truck, people and junk. When we left the scale read 3780 so we had 360 lbs of junk/trash etc

so... bring on the sun! :sunny Im ready for spring, planting flowers, :daisy and a garden... getting baby chicks and ducks and everything else that comes with spring :) :sunny

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