Sunday, March 13, 2011

More baseball....

I took the kiddos out to practice and learn to catch a ball today. I have decided, I can't do it.


Take Devil child to ball practice or games that is :hide

Today we were practicing catching, throwing, hitting the ball with the bat etc. She brings me her ball and asks me to sign it for "BABY RUTH" :kneeslapper I said what? She said sign it, for Baby Ruth. Benny said you have to sign your ball for Baby Ruth :hystericlaugh :hystericlaugh :hystericlaugh :hystericlaugh (sandlot reference there) So okay I sign her baseball (with Babe Ruth).

Then the first ball she actually hits with the bat... she hollers "look at that! Just like the great bambino" :hystericlaugh :hystericlaugh :hystericlaugh :hystericlaugh

Then it was lil dude's turn to bat.... he hits the ball and she chases it, then she dives :seeingstars (the ball has already STOPPED mind you) and says this is how Benny does it. :lmfao umm yeah Benny slides into the bases, not chasing a field ball! :rofl

THEN---- she is fixin to throw the ball to me, and she SPITS on it :cantlook :freakout :freakout :freakout Because......

you guessed it Benny does it!

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  1. lmao she is adorable. The Sandlot is a classic.