Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Shower Planning 101 for Dummies

I need this book. Okay well they don't make it, maybe by the time Im done planning and executing this shower, I can write the book! I did stumble across what appears to be a good book on Amazon called Planning the Best Baby Shower Ever! I ordered it today, hopefully with Amazon's lightning fast service it will appear in my mailbox this week. So my oldest dd is having a baby. It's not her first, but this is the first I have planned a shower for. In the past her mother in law has given her a shower, which amounted to their side of the family being invited. So this time Ive done the unthinkable... I posted an event on facebook, invited all the people on my facebook that know both Sam and I, then I hacked into her facebook acct and invited all her friends too. To be proper, I did post that I wanted to send invitations in the mail, but am limited on addresses, so if people would kindly either post their mailing address, or send it to me via email I will mail invites. Whew. Phase 1 accomplished. I spent hours yesterday pouring over websites to find the perfect cake topper. I came up with 3, not sure which I will go with yet. I ran a poll on Support On The Homefront asking others what they thought. When all else fails and you cant make a decision, ask your closest internet friends! So these are the toppers...

I am really partial to the last one (the bassinet baby in pink). But am still not quite ready to order yet. I plan to make my first (well second) rolled fondant cake. The first will be a practice run LOL Ill probably try my hand at it at the end of this month. The second... will be the shower cake. Im hoping for something that resembles this one:

Maybe not exact colors but similar. I am waffling between 2 different plate/napkin/cup designs as well. The more frilly and Pink, the better.

I bought a book with shower games and spent a good hour googling baby shower games as well. So many good ideas out there, but of course everyone wants money to even view their ideas to see if its something that is compatible with this particular shower. I suppose there is probably a book out there with shower game ideas too. Hmm

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