Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Singing the praises of AMAZON!

So I read an article that one way to get rid of stubborn thigh fat is a mini trampoline. Hmm this set the wheels turning. While my low carb high protein diet has done wonders for weight loss in general for both me and Digger... I still have stubborn thigh fat clinging to my legs for dear life.

So I went to Amazon... and found quite a few, but this one here seemed like a damn good deal...
So I counted my swag bucks Amazon gift cards up... and decided I would only use PART of them on myself, and save the rest for the original purpose of saving them... the kids. So I used $30 worth of cards... and spent $7 something after tax, free shipping with Amazon prime WOOT! I ordered it on Thursday and like usual Amazon had super fast shipping and it arrived on my doorstep Friday afternoon. Not even 24 hours after the order was placed. It was extremely easy to assemble, and it is HUGE. I didnt give much thought to the actual size when I ordered it was more the look/price in comparison to some of the other mini-trampolines. Anyway this is an absolute awesome deal for $35.84 plus tax! The kids are completely enamored by it as well.. and we are having to take turns using it. Hopefully the novelty wears off and I am able to crawl onto it with my fat infested thighs here real soon!

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