Friday, March 18, 2011

In the dog house? Not hardly!

I got home from working tonight and Digger asked me if my dog had talked to me today. I knew he meant my boxer, she is 100% my dog. She loves me the mostest LOL. I told him no, and he said well, she kicked Hammer out of the barn.

I know what this means before I ever go out there. It means she had her puppies. Hammer isn't in the dog house, he's been kicked out. During the day when we are working, going to school and in general not home the dogs are in the barn/kennels. Somehow, about 67 days ago, I missed the signs of a heat cycle.

Went out there and sure enough 6 pups... with only 3 survivors at this point. Sissy is a good momma, and will take good care of them, but still sad that I was gone so late tonight that I wasnt here in the process (and could have possibly saved the other 3) 

Will post pictures tomorrow, when the sun comes up :)

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