Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden is dead... but what does this really mean to our troops?

Not much. It is a big deal of course, that after being on the watch list since 1998, our military has finally killed Bin Laden.  What has been dubbed by some media as Seal Team 6 (see link for story) is being given credit for taking out Bin Laden, as well as intelligence information provided by the CIA.

Why does it irks me when people are giving credit to Obama? Probably because its the same people who blame Obama for the economy. One man is not responsible for this, or for the economy for that matter. The credit should lie with our military. The ones who have busted their butts for the past 10 years through 2 wars in Iraq, the current war in Afghanistan, and our engagement in Libya. 

But more so, why do people believe this means that our troops are packing their bags to come home right this minute? While Bin Laden was the leader of al queda, he was not the only member, and his forces are faithful to his mission. He has had 13 years to train people to take his place should the inevitable (death) happen. Al queda is not just going to roll over and crumble to dust.

Saddam was captured in 2003, he was executed in 2006, however we still have over 45,000 US Military troops in Iraq. So for our military, the death of Bin Laden doesn't end things. Its just a milestone in the battle.

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